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The practice of paragliding in Ecuador is usually practiced on some beaches and from mountains to the valley of the Inter-Andean alley. Paragliding in Ecuador is feasible to practice at any time of the year, although there are recommended seasons to perform this exciting activity. Specifically, in the Sierra the preferred season is between October and March since between July and August there is too much wind. In the Coast the months between May to December are preferred.

The paragliding flight Quito is done on the Auqui hill. The view from the top of El Auqui hill is imposing, with all Quito underfoot, and the Cayambe and Cotopaxi in front, absolutely majestic.

Move through the mountains of the Ecuadorian Andes in a paragliding flight with pilots that will take you for an incredible ride.

You do not need to have any prior knowledge, the instructor will make a technical talk prior to the free flight activity.

The tandem flight, with a two-seat paraglider, is suitable for practically everyone, from children from 6 years old up to 70 years old.

You must have a total time of approximately 2 hours, as they must travel to the landing, climb the mountain, deploy equipment, make an introductory talk, check wind conditions or other passengers or students fly before you. The flight itself will last approximately between 15 – 20 minutes.

We must take into account that Ecuador is in the middle of the world, crossed by the Andes mountain range and bathed by the Pacific Ocean. This sets a magnificent stage that can be enjoyed from the top of the sky.

Wear comfortable clothes to have freedom of movement, preferably closed and comfortable shoes to give a little run. It is important to provide a sweater, although it is cold there is a lot of wind and the thermal sensation is of high temperatures.

There are weight limits that must be respected:

Maximum weight 110 Kg.

Minimum weight 30 Kg.

Salinas and its tourist attractions – Santa Elena – Ecuador

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The prehistoric origin of the canton Salinas is similar to the three cantons of the province of Santa Elena for its proximity where the influence of Valdivia machalilla culture and then the Huancavilcas in the Spanish conquest marked the populations skills and customs of the natives.

The sea provides artisans of fishing and the industrial sector, the greatest source of natural wealth: fish such as croaker and tuna, sardines, sole, bass,

The boll weevil, the octopus and the crab oysters, lobs

ter, shrimp,



The normal population of Salinas is 68,000 inhabitants distributed between the cantonal capital with its urban parishes Salinas and Santa Rosa, the anconcito rural parishes and José Luis Tamayo (muey) the fishing port of Santa Rosa is known worldwide for its artisanal fishing.


The nightlife is hectic with fun in bars and clubs and clubs that represent artists of our environment and abroad in vernal season, the nightlife comes until dawn.


It has an excellent infrastructure rooms from 4 star hotels such as:

Ø Barceló colon Miramar

Ø Blue hotel

Ø Salinas Suite

Ø Hotel las conchae


Ø Mediterranean

Ø Punta Carnero

Ø Don Mincho

Ø Hostería el reposo de guerrero

Ø Francisco l,ll,l

Ø Sun beach

Ø Oasis












v First of all, the leisure domain is excellent for relaxing

v Water activities and sports

v Enjoy the local cuisine

v Visit the pier on the Salinas waterfront

v Tourist tours on horses on the beach

v Visit the route known as chocolatera, practice cycling


v Activities and beach sports (volleyball, soccer among others)

v Practice guided diving by an expert

v Kayaking or catamaran

v To know the museum of the lovers of sumpa





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Paragliding is a sport born of a fines of the twentieth century for the inventiveness of mountaineers who wanted to fly down a parachute from the chasm they had ascended.

The dynamic flight is made by moving forward of an obstacle in front of the wind, as a surfer glides by a wave, because this wind when climbing the slopes provides a mass of air sustentadora




Live a real adventure and fun with paragliding Quito (tandem paragliding flights), fly through the skies of Quito with a fixed pilot and enjoy an unforgettable ride.

The tandem or two-seater flight is where you can make your dream come true by taking off the feet of the earth and traveling through the mountains of the Ecuadorian Andes with our pilot staff taking you for an incredible ride. The flight is suitable for all people, from children to older people (in Quito, paragliding, we have flown with children from 6 years to 70 years).



Taking off from the Luminous hill towards the city, we landed at the foot of the hill.The flight schedule of, 8:00 a.m. and the meeting point of the German school Humboldt from there we got in a vehicle to the mountain


The pilot guide will take you to the paragliding experience. He has no knowledge. Get a little chat for the pilot with easy-to-do directions for both the landing take-off.


– Flight team

– Local transportation

– Obligatory insurance YOU MUST BRING

:- Sportswear

– Sunscreen

– Glasses …



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It is located 13.5 km away. of Quito, is owned by the Government of the Province of Pichincha and is practically a tourist and commercial city, the smallest in Ecuador.


The origins of the Middle City of the World go back to the First Geodetic Mission which arrived in our country with the purpose of carrying out studies and determining the exact curvature of the planet. This mission, led by the French scientist Charles Marie de la Condamine and of which the Ecuadorian scientist Pedro Vicente Maldonado was a member, determined where the equatorial line passed.


Although this mission never step on the place where now is the Middle of the World two hundred years later, the Ecuadorian geographer Luis Tufiño gave the idea to the Franco-American Committee to build a monument in memory of the Geodesic Mission. One of ten meters of height was raised, of identical structure to the present monument of the Half of the World, in the city of San Antonio de Pichincha, the same one that is to the east of the tourist attraction of which we speak.


For 1979 began the construction of the current monument and the city around it. The previous monument was moved 7 km. to the west, to the city of Calacalí and the construction of the entire tourist complex was completed for 1982.


Its main attraction is the monument to the Middle of the World. The current one is 30 meters high and houses the Ethnographic Museum of the Middle of the World, where different exhibitions of all the ethnic groups and cultures that live in Ecuador are exhibited.


Within the Mitad del Mundo City there are four pavilions with permanent exhibitions. The Guayasamín Pavilion which has an exhibition of different works of the famous Ecuadorian painter Oswaldo Guayasamín. In addition, it has a sample of cultural goods from Ecuador, that is, pieces of pre-Columbian art, and colonial art from the School of Quito, Caspicara, Pampite, among others. These cultural assets, patrimony of Ecuador, are in charge of the Guayasamín Foundation, created in 1977 by the Master and his children, who are in charge of maintaining it now.


Another is the French Pavilion, where the French Geodetic Museum is located. In this it exhibits all the information about the studies of the Geodetic Mission and information about the Academy of Sciences of Paris. There is also the Pavilion of the Sun where information about the cities of Guayaquil and Cuenca, the two most important cities of Ecuador apart from its capital, Quito, is exposed.


Other permanent attractions are the Planetarium a model of colonial Quito entire miniature, and since not much Insectarium: First Entomological Museum of Ecuador, which is gathering all the vast and diverse insect fauna existing in Ecuador. There are exhibits of live and dissected insects.


In addition to these permanent attractions, weekends and holidays always hold music festivals, dance performances and other artistic expressions in the town square.