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The province of Esmeraldas has 7 cantons with 430,000 inhabitants, 210,000 urban and 220,000 rural. The city of Esmeraldas has 130,000 and the canton has 180,000 inhabitants. The Esmeraldas province has 15,573.4 square kilometers of surface. Esmeraldas is also known as the “Green Province of Ecuador”. The seaport of Esmeraldas is important for the north of the country. The main economic activities are fishing, agricultural production and tourism in the province.


San Mateo de las Esmeraldas is a city in Ecuador, capital of the Province of Esmeraldas, in the northwestern part of the country. It is located 318 km from Quito. It has a population of 154 035 inhabitants in 2010. It is the eleventh most populous city in the country and one of the most important ports in Ecuador. It offers beautiful beaches with landscapes and warm climate. Its coast, as well as its ecological reserves, make it one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country, enjoying a favorable temperature throughout the year. His first settlement was on September 21, 1526 as San Mateo, by Bartolomé Ruiz.


Atacames is an Ecuadorian city, capital of the Atacames canton in the Province of Esmeraldas. It is located in the western area of ​​the province, in the northwest of the country, with a population of 15,463 inhabitants, being the fourth most populated city in the province. Atacames is famous throughout Ecuador for having the largest natural beach in Ecuador and one of the closest to Quito; so that most of the inhabitants of this city make this spa one of the most popular and popular in the country. It has the largest hotel facility in the country. Many citizens visit its beaches on weekends and during the summer, especially in the parish of Tonsupa, where there are dozens of exclusive towers with their summer apartments. The influx of foreigners is constant during most of the year.

Mompiche – Esmeraldas – Ecuador – Costa Ecuatoriana

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Mompiche – Esmeraldas – Ecuador – Costa Ecuatoriana
Mompiche is a fishing village located south of the city Esmeraldas in Ecuador. The Ecuadorian coasts have wonderful beaches in which Mompiche stands out, is an ideal place for its warm waters and its exotic black sand beaches.

Mompiche is a small town in the southern part of the province of Esmeraldas, which has grown in recent years thanks to tourism. Its beautiful and extensive beach along with the friendliness of the people has made it become a very desirable tourist destination. This beach is located seven hours from Quito.

It is one of the last marine-coastal wetlands of Ecuador, a small town where its main activities are fishing and tourism, has one of its most attractive the most extensive waves of Ecuador of almost a kilometer in length and the second in the Pacific Ocean, which makes evident a “must destination” for surfers both national and international.
Mompiche also has the influence of its small islands Portete, Bolivar and La Manchas well known as “Isla Bonita”, which can be accessed by sea in a journey of approximately 15 minutes.

This paradisiacal beach is located in the Pacific, northwest of Ecuador in the province of Esmeraldas south of a large bay of the city, which encompasses San Francisco in the north, Muisne and La Mancha in the center, and in the south of Mompiche.
Its beaches have an approximate extension of 7 kilometers.
Esmeraldas, a few minutes by boat from Mompiche, you can reach the Cayapas-Mataje Ecological Reserve which is located north of the province of Esmeraldas – Ecuador, characterized by its extensive mangrove forest, where the highest mangroves in the world rise. It has an area of ​​51300 hectares. In the reserve there are also guandales forests, characterized for being marshy areas with very unstable soils, in which there are trees of quiver, tangaré, sajo, sande and anime.

This heavenly place on the Ecuadorian coast offers dishes in which you can feel the seasoning emeraldian cuisine. In restaurants you can find: seafood – seafood cooked with coconut – seafood rice, shrimp and fish these products can be fried, garnished or seasoned with garlic depending on what the client prefers. But there is no better experience than eating an oceanfront ceviche prepared at that time.
At the Mompiche dock there are two tricycles adapted as dining rooms that offer ceviche – a preparation of the seafood you prefer

The beach is the best attraction of this coastal site, there are miles of beaches that do not have much presence of tourists. But you can also enjoy water sports like ‘The Beast’ which is a buoy attached to a boat that is driven at full speed by the waters, the challenge is not to fall from the buoy. There is a particularity in Mompiche this destination is located next to a moist and wooded area. All this space is full of fauna: monkeys, snakes, and birds of various species can be found on the site.