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Cajas National Park and tourist attractions – Cuenca

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Cajas National Park and tourist attractions – Cuenca

Cajas National Park and tourist attractions – Cuenca

Cajas National Park and tourist attractions – Cuenca is located in the Andes, south of Ecuador, in the province of Azuay, 33 km northwest of the city of Cuenca. From Cuenca takes about 40 minutes to get to it.

Between the years 500 to 1450, the Cañari formed a federative alliance whose people worshiped the moon, lakes and mountains considered sacred places and the territories of the current park. Then the Incas conquered the region and established themselves as real Tomebamba Cuenca city where it is today.

The “Inca Trail” crosses the park and is a vestige of the road linking the Tambo Tomebamba Paredones (Molleturo), on the strategic route between the highlands and the coast. This road is passable by 4 km restored within the park, between the cave and lagoon Luspa Mamamag.

Alexander von Humboldt visited the area and described it around 1878.

The park was created on July 4, 1977 and was converted into a National Park on May 11, 1996.

On the site there is a path that encircles whose route takes about an hour walk; in the path we have been placed two small huts that serve only as a place of rest and refuge for shelter from the rain, which occurs in the area quite regularly.

It is possible to observe some interesting avifauna and especially the unique geological formations that characterize the entire park. At Toreadora fishing it is also possible although few fishermen here are lucky.

Tourist attractions

Laguna Lagartococha: On its banks you can camp and the place is very busy for sport fishing.

Beside Lagartococha is situated the “Cave of the Dead”, so called because travelers for over a century have perished in the site malaria victims.

Avilahuayco: the time of a natural or watchtower lookout ago; the panorama offered from the summit is very attractive because from there “boxes” that dominate the whole area are observed.

Loma de Tres Cruces: One of the highest parts of the park where the watershed between those who go to the Amazon and moving towards the Pacific is located.

El Camino Garcia Moreno crosses there and the tradition that owes its name to the many dead who tried to place overnight on their journey from the coast, but the intense cold of the night failed to see the sunrise.

Laguna Taitachungo (Mamamag): Based on the Toreadora there are some trails that lead to it. From here you can follow a stretch of the Inca Trail to the cave Luspa.

In Mamamag found other remains of pre-Inca constructions represented by stone steps and foundation of any type of building, presumably rooms for the night; more than houses, these buildings seem to have served as dairy farms, shelters trip, since the site is a key step towards the coast.