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The practice of paragliding in Ecuador is usually practiced on some beaches and from mountains to the valley of the Inter-Andean alley. Paragliding in Ecuador is feasible to practice at any time of the year, although there are recommended seasons to perform this exciting activity. Specifically, in the Sierra the preferred season is between October and March since between July and August there is too much wind. In the Coast the months between May to December are preferred.

The paragliding flight Quito is done on the Auqui hill. The view from the top of El Auqui hill is imposing, with all Quito underfoot, and the Cayambe and Cotopaxi in front, absolutely majestic.

Move through the mountains of the Ecuadorian Andes in a paragliding flight with pilots that will take you for an incredible ride.

You do not need to have any prior knowledge, the instructor will make a technical talk prior to the free flight activity.

The tandem flight, with a two-seat paraglider, is suitable for practically everyone, from children from 6 years old up to 70 years old.

You must have a total time of approximately 2 hours, as they must travel to the landing, climb the mountain, deploy equipment, make an introductory talk, check wind conditions or other passengers or students fly before you. The flight itself will last approximately between 15 – 20 minutes.

We must take into account that Ecuador is in the middle of the world, crossed by the Andes mountain range and bathed by the Pacific Ocean. This sets a magnificent stage that can be enjoyed from the top of the sky.

Wear comfortable clothes to have freedom of movement, preferably closed and comfortable shoes to give a little run. It is important to provide a sweater, although it is cold there is a lot of wind and the thermal sensation is of high temperatures.

There are weight limits that must be respected:

Maximum weight 110 Kg.

Minimum weight 30 Kg.

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