2nd validates the National League 2018 Guayaquil Ecuador

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2nd validates the National League 2018 Guayaquil Ecuador

The FEDA, invites the pilots of the country to participate in the National League and National Paragliding Championship, in the Cross Country modality.

The results of these competitions will give the champions this year.

Viennatone Paragliding CX Cup, from here the National Champion 2018 will be released, it is also the 2nd valid of the National League 2018. Place: Bototillo, Guayaquil

They are invited to the first validation of the Ecuadorian Paragliding League 2018, the first Valida will be held in Guayaquil – Bototillo on 1 and 2

of September.

One of the best points to fly in Ecuador is in Guayaquil. We take off relatively low, but because of its warm air we can rise up to a thousand meters in height. Then, we can fly long distances, “explained Ivanov Granja, of the Viennatone club, which organizes this championship. The games will be made from the hill Bototillo, at kilometer 13 of the road to the coast. For five years, Ecuador worked to achieve the organization of the world contest.

The paraglider makes possible the dream of flying the human being, granting him a sensation of independence and free will, unlike an aircraft in which he flies, but locked up. As those who practice it say: “You have to do it to know what it feels like.”

The adventure is near, at the height of km 13 of the road to the coast. From this site, where a quarry used to work, you ascend in an all-terrain vehicle to the “despegadero”, as they say to the place from where they are launched.

“The wind that comes from the Pacific meets the one that comes from the East and just in this place, where the Chongón-Colonche mountain range is, a convergence is formed, a kind of river in the air, which allows us to navigate to different points”

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