Valid III of the National Championship Rok Cup Ecuador 2018 of Karting

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Valid III of the National Championship Rok Cup Ecuador 2018 of Karting

In the Kartódromo Cotopaxi the valid III of the National Championship Rok Cup Ecuador 2018 of Karting was run, endorsed by the Ecuadorian Federation of Motoring and Karting.

In the test participated 61 runners from Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, According to the driver José Enrique Brito “never before had run with so many karts (15) in the shifter category and at the same level. The pilots have had to adapt to such a strong pace and it is very complicated “, said the Quito-born driver, who won the first heat and the pre-final, while in the final he was second, leaving the victory to the Colombian-Ecuadorian Henry Cubides

The 950 meters long course was run counterclockwise, which was very difficult for the riders, as it is a relatively short and very hard circuit to pass.

On Sunday the pre-final and final was made and started with the riders of the Baby Super Cup, where Érick Rodríguez ratified his performance of the first heat and won in the pre-final.

The minirrok experts had as winner in the pre-final to the Colombian-Ecuadorian Joaquín Cubides, brother of the winner of the shifter rok senior, the pilot Henry Cubides.

For his part, Juan Moreira was the winner in the series rookies, Derek King escorted him in the second place and the runner Steven Ajitimbay was third.

Juan Andrés Viteri reached the first place of the monomarca CRG FS4 B & S light, Matías Bravo was second and the third place was in the hands of Martín Freire; while, in heavy, Álvaro Espinosa was forceful in the 15 laps arranged by the direction of the race and left the second locker of the series to Diego Cuesta.

In the open category of 125 cubic centimeters (cc), the podium of the pre-final was entirely for the province of Guayas with Jaime Cabrera, who finished in the first place; Rafael Peralta arrived in the second locker; and Cristian Sanmartín who was third.

In the master category, the Guayaquil Jorge Matos was the fastest and finished in the first box, as had happened in the qualifying; while Camilo Rivera maintained the second place of the first phase; and Carlos Molina replaced Pablo Cevallos in the third position.


In the height

Fourth proof

The fourth date of the Karting Championship will be held on May 19 and 20 at the Cotopaxi Kart Track, considered the best permanent speed circuit that Ecuador has.


In the shifter rok class, senior series, Henry Cubides was the winner in a heart attack session with José Enrique, who was second.

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