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Carnival 2017 – Santa Elena – Montañita – Paragliding

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Carnival 2017 – Santa Elena – Montañita – Paragliding

The carnival is a public celebration that takes place immediately before Christian Lent, with a variable date (between February and March depending on the year), and which combines some elements such as costumes, parades, and street parties.

By extension are called like this some similar feasts in any time of the year. In spite of the great differences that its celebration presents in the world, its common characteristic is to be a period of permissiveness and certain descontrol.

The origin of its celebration seems plausible of the pagan festivals like those realized in honor to baco the Roman god of the wine, the saturnales and the Roman lupercales, or those that were realized in honor of the bull Apis in Egypt. According to some historians, the origins of this festival would go back to Sumer and ancient Egypt, more than 5000 years ago, with very similar celebrations in the time of the Roman Empire from where the custom by Europe expanded, being taken to America by the Spanish sailors And Portuguese from the end of the fifteenth century.

The Ecuadorian carnival is very cultural and is celebrated with water, carnival foam, talc, eggs or flour to paint the face or any type of vegetable-type painting.

We can enjoy the carnival in any area from cultural to adventure, so on this holiday do not hesitate to make paragliding.

Paragliding is a fun way to get out of that daily routine. Besides being a sport of adventure, it is a form of expression and freedom.

To do paragliding first they equip you that includes putting helmets, copilot harnesses since the harness has an airbag system.

Then follow the instructions of the pilot, you relax and enjoy of the ride, in this sport you do not need to have some knowledge, who does everything is the pilot.

This sport integrates the mountain and the air like no other. Also you can observe in our viewpoint the ocean with constant winds and feel the sea breeze.

It is a beautiful experience that you must do in the company of your family and friends, dare to feel the adrenaline of adventure sport.

We are 10 minutes before Montañita near the community of Libertador Bolivar – Playa Bruja.

Libertador Bolívar – Santa Elena – Ecuador

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Libertador Bolívar – Santa Elena – Ecuador

Libertador Bolívar is a town located 131 km from Guayaquil, in the north of the province of Santa Elena, has a length of 3100 m of beach, its most common flora and fauna are: Cocus nucifera (coconuts), Musa x paradisiaca ( Banana), beach creeping, Gastropoda (snail), Pelecanus occidentalis (pelican), Ucides occidentalis (Crab).

In this village, between Manglaralto and Montañita, in the province of Santa Elena, you will find huts, with palm leaves as a roof, to spread your towel and rest.

It has a wide beach of straight form, with slope slightly pronounced. On the beach you can see palapas of wood with cade and in the background, the population and small hills with vegetation of dry forest.

Libertador Bolívar has three bars located on the beach that look the same, but at the same time they are very authentic: hammocks, palm leaves, bamboo cane and lounge music during the day. And let’s be serious, the Ecuadorian coast without music is not Ecuador!

Libertador Bolívar is one of the most authentic places in Ecuador, and small enough to enjoy a weekend of relaxation.

Its main economic activity is the commerce through the handicrafts, typical gastronomy and the tourism.

In addition you can enjoy the landscape in another perspective from the skies, performing the activity of the paragliding which consists of leaving from a mountain with an instructor with an estimated time of 15 minutes, feel the adrenaline and adventure of the sport.



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On the eve of Valentine’s Day, the month of love and friendship there are many people who want to give a gift to their partners.

This 14th of February, the world celebrates the day of love and friendship so you can celebrate it the best way you can give a love letter is something that will never go out of style, but it would be much better to accompany it with a paragliding flight With a duration of 15 minutes in addition to enjoying the adrenaline of adventure sport, be it the gift for the loved one or both, they can leave both at the same time with different instructors

Do not wait any longer and dare to do something new and that can surprise your partner.

Paragliding Quito – Ecuador – Adventure sports and adrenaline

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Paragliding Quito – Ecuador – Adventure sports and adrenaline

Quito by its conveniently located location is also the ideal starting point for exploring all of Ecuador. In its surroundings it is possible to make multiple excursions of one day.

The streets of the sector of La Mariscal are crowded with travel agencies, restaurants and bars, where many of the visitors spend much of their time.

You can do paragliding in Quito:

Paragliding Quito, for this experience it is not necessary to have any prior knowledge, because before flying the pilot will make an introduction with you and explain everything you need to know about your tandem flight.

The tandem flight with a two-seater paraglider is practically suitable for everyone, from the age of 6.

Come and enjoy a tandem flight, where you can make your dream come true and where you will get away from the ground and you will be taken by the landscapes of the mountains of the Ecuadorian Andes with our professional pilots who will accompany you during an unforgettable trip

In Quito there are two suitable places to fly: Lumbisí and Teleferico.