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Julianas parties Guayaquil – Foundation of Guayaquil “Perla del Pacifico”

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Julianas_parties_GuayaquilJulianas parties Guayaquil

Guayaquil seduces its visitors.

The celebrations take place in commemoration of the Foundation Guayaquil on July 25 of each year as are the parties Julianas Guayaquil.

The Foundation of Guayaquil, the Pearl of the Pacific. City that brings together history and modernity.

Full of emotions and spaces for art and culture.

Guayaquil (officially Santiago de Guayaquil) is the largest of the Republic of Ecuador’s most populous city; with a population in the metropolitan area of nearly 3,113,725 inhabitants.

The celebrations in the city take place in commemoration of the Foundation Guayaquil on July 25 of each year.

The festivities for the holidays are characterized by parades in various sectors and art exhibitions in the neighborhood Las Peñas del Cerro Santa Ana.

The name of Guayaquil is linked to a story that has become a romantic legend , transmitted orally from generation to generation, which attributes the designation of the city to the union of the names of the cacique ( native chief) Guayas and his wife Quil , symbols of indigenous resistance , according to popular tradition , chose to fight to the death ( and ultimately burn the city ) rather than submit to vassalage imposed by the Spanish conquistadors.

The history of Guayaquil is based on the facts of three foundations, the last and final on July 25, 1538 by Captain Francisco de Orellana, at the foot of Cerro Santa Ana.

Proclamations, retreats, fairs, festivals, exhibitions and serenades are part of the program of the Party Julianas occasion of the Foundation and starting from 1 July each year and lasts all month with different free and paid public events.

The mayor of the city of Guayaquil every year brings international artists for free you are present in different parts of the city together with national artists.

At this time many circuses and events come to celebrate with us our foundations. With all this no one can stop having fun, there is something for everyone.

The climate of Guayaquil is the result of the combination of several factors. For its location on the equator, the city has a warm temperature almost all year

Guayaquileans dishes are rice with meat stew and asada.También is very traditional to consume the typical encebollado


The Middle of the World Quito.

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The_Middle_of_the_World_Quito.The Middle of the World Quito.

One of the most visited tourist spots is half the world Quito, where the monument to the Geodesic Mission enjoys its history. A beautiful place not to be missed.

The resort Half the world is located at Km 13.5 of the highway Manuel Cordova Galarza, and there are museums, restaurants and crafts. However, the monument is 240 meters south of the Equator.

Ecuador is a country of wonders, unforgettable for all who visit this beautiful country that is full of many charms especially nature that this country has, is a small but very tourist wealth country.

Quito, between modern and colonial. The capital of Ecuador, was declared Cultural Heritage on 18 September 1978 by Unesco because of its historical center, one of the continent preserved.

The Historical Center of Quito ‘s Cultural Heritage and has several tourist attractions. Has some places that show the architecture of the past, is very traditional, because you can walk late at night and nothing happens , many foreign and domestic tourists are fascinated by the historic city center of Quito

San Francisco de Quito is 2,850 meters above sea level, one of its attractions is the largest square in the heart of the historic center.

It offers a variety of beautiful and tourist sites come and go. Sites that tell us about its history, its important cultural, beliefs and diversity, tell us about his life, his only daily, nights, their fun and their assets. It is a city that unites the charms of colonial architecture and modern.

In addition, in the capital of Ecuador you can enjoy both the amenities of a city of art and the captivating simplicity of rural parishes, surrounded by beautiful scenery.

His cuisine is the Quiteño locro, potatoes with leather and the famous roast cuy, are the traditional dishes of the area


Paragliding Montañita Ecuador

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Paragliding Montañita Ecuador Know that when paragliding on the Ecuadorian coast, beaches , flying with the wind coming from the sea is done , what can not be seen in the mountains or in Guayaquil , so the activity is done with thermals that is the heat produced by the heat released from the earth . It is also a dynamic , peaceful and relaxing flight . For lovers of adrenaline can make a flight acrobatics.