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Ecuador has several alternatives for the practice of paragliding, destinations with wonderful landscapes where you can get closer to that feeling of unique freedom, flying through the air while admiring the beautiful landscapes of the center of the planet.

In this sector, paragliding can be developed 365 days a year. The launching area is a soft grass platform and its exit always depends on the direction and force of the wind. There are two platforms suitable for landing in the sector of the town of Yahuarcocha in the former Mundo Fantástico complex, this depends on the company that operates. Before getting the flight equipment, the adventurers receive instructions on the takeoff and landing. The flights with tourists are the so-called tandems, in which an expert pilot accompanies the tourist. The duration of the flight may vary depending on the weather conditions. It is advisable to wear warm clothes and shoes that protect the ankles.
Places that can be seen: Laguna de Yahuarcocha

This sector is located south east of Quito, in the new via Oriental, has an altitude of 3060 meters above sea level. The flight days are not regular, but generally they are Saturdays and Sundays and the lunar calendar and the days after heavy rains are usually used to organize the flights.
This is a thermodynamic zone where paragliders gather every weekend. To start the first thing that must be done is to review the equipment so that everything is in order. You can take advantage of the hillside to the left (north) of the takeoff, the walls and tips often release small but powerful thermals; if it is windy these are usually cut off and the flight can be turbulent. In this place you can experience two modalities: cross-country, and competition; In addition, a normal flight can reach 50 km / h speed.
The Cerro Blanco Protected Forest is one of the largest and best preserved reserves of tropical dry forests in Ecuador; it is southeast of the Chongón-Colonche mountain range, in the province of Guayas and covers an approximate total area of ​​6078 hectares. Tourists and beginners can practice this sport from the Bototillo track to the Terra Nostra Urbanization that is in front, crossing the Guayaquil – Salinas highway. During the flight you can move in a radius of between 3,000 and 4,000 meters normally.
Places that can be observed: You can see the whole city, the Chongón Colonche mountain range, Lake Chongo, flora and fauna of Guayaquil.
This activity is carried out throughout the year depending on the wind conditions, which are normally good at Playa Bruja. When carrying out this activity, in the flights you can appreciate a beautiful coastal landscape, observe an impressive panoramic of the sea, marine fauna and the surrounding towns.
Places that can be observed: Montañita Beach, El Pelado Marine Reserve.


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The practice of paragliding in Ecuador is usually practiced on some beaches and from mountains to the valley of the Inter-Andean alley. Paragliding in Ecuador is feasible to practice at any time of the year, although there are recommended seasons to perform this exciting activity. Specifically, in the Sierra the preferred season is between October and March since between July and August there is too much wind. In the Coast the months between May to December are preferred.

The paragliding flight Quito is done on the Auqui hill. The view from the top of El Auqui hill is imposing, with all Quito underfoot, and the Cayambe and Cotopaxi in front, absolutely majestic.

Move through the mountains of the Ecuadorian Andes in a paragliding flight with pilots that will take you for an incredible ride.

You do not need to have any prior knowledge, the instructor will make a technical talk prior to the free flight activity.

The tandem flight, with a two-seat paraglider, is suitable for practically everyone, from children from 6 years old up to 70 years old.

You must have a total time of approximately 2 hours, as they must travel to the landing, climb the mountain, deploy equipment, make an introductory talk, check wind conditions or other passengers or students fly before you. The flight itself will last approximately between 15 – 20 minutes.

We must take into account that Ecuador is in the middle of the world, crossed by the Andes mountain range and bathed by the Pacific Ocean. This sets a magnificent stage that can be enjoyed from the top of the sky.

Wear comfortable clothes to have freedom of movement, preferably closed and comfortable shoes to give a little run. It is important to provide a sweater, although it is cold there is a lot of wind and the thermal sensation is of high temperatures.

There are weight limits that must be respected:

Maximum weight 110 Kg.

Minimum weight 30 Kg.

2nd validates the National League 2018 Guayaquil Ecuador

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2nd validates the National League 2018 Guayaquil Ecuador

The FEDA, invites the pilots of the country to participate in the National League and National Paragliding Championship, in the Cross Country modality.

The results of these competitions will give the champions this year.

Viennatone Paragliding CX Cup, from here the National Champion 2018 will be released, it is also the 2nd valid of the National League 2018. Place: Bototillo, Guayaquil

They are invited to the first validation of the Ecuadorian Paragliding League 2018, the first Valida will be held in Guayaquil – Bototillo on 1 and 2

of September.

One of the best points to fly in Ecuador is in Guayaquil. We take off relatively low, but because of its warm air we can rise up to a thousand meters in height. Then, we can fly long distances, “explained Ivanov Granja, of the Viennatone club, which organizes this championship. The games will be made from the hill Bototillo, at kilometer 13 of the road to the coast. For five years, Ecuador worked to achieve the organization of the world contest.

The paraglider makes possible the dream of flying the human being, granting him a sensation of independence and free will, unlike an aircraft in which he flies, but locked up. As those who practice it say: “You have to do it to know what it feels like.”

The adventure is near, at the height of km 13 of the road to the coast. From this site, where a quarry used to work, you ascend in an all-terrain vehicle to the “despegadero”, as they say to the place from where they are launched.

“The wind that comes from the Pacific meets the one that comes from the East and just in this place, where the Chongón-Colonche mountain range is, a convergence is formed, a kind of river in the air, which allows us to navigate to different points”

II Paragliding Festival La Trocal looks from the sky

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II Paragliding Festival “La Trocal looks from the sky”

La Troncal, this canton located in the province of Cañar, is one of the favorites to practice this extreme sport in a professional manner, competitions and tourism.

“La Troncal miradas desde el cielo” is the name given to the II National Paragliding Festival that will take place on August 4 and 5 in La Troncal, the destination of the province of Cañar, close to completing 35 years of cantonization. The inauguration of the flight competitions will be on Saturday, August 4 from 9:00 in the tourist resort La Playita de Cochancay.

Pilots from all over the country will sail the skies of La Troncal, demonstrating their skills in the air with spectacular maneuvers in a unique and unprecedented competition. Unlike in previous years, tourists and visitors can experience this experience of flying the warm skies of La Troncal.

In the company of qualified pilots, the adventurers will observe the geography of the canton from above. On May 25, 25 pilots received the certificate of skill in this paragliding sport.

The 25 graduated pilots who have experience flying between 8 and 15 years old, will demonstrate their skills on August 4 and 5 during the “First Paragliding Festival 2018” in Cochancay, a coastal area where one of the tracks to fly is built, more great of Ecuador. This activity is part of the activities programmed to celebrate the 35 years of La Troncal cantonization.

Ibarra – Paragliding tourist activity – Laguna Yahuarcocha

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 Ibarra – Paragliding tourist activity – Laguna Yahuarcocha

Ibarra, officially called San Miguel de Ibarra, is an Ecuadorian city; head of the Ibarra county and capital of the province of Imbabura, as well as the largest and most populous city of the same. It is located to the north of the inter-Andean region of Ecuador, in the basin of the Chota river, crossed to the east by the Tahuando river, to the southeast of the Yahuarcocha lagoon, at an altitude of 2215 m. n. m. and with a temperate dry-Mediterranean climate of 17 ° C on average.

It is known as “The White City” for its white façades with which the reconstructed city was blessed in 1872 after the devastating earthquake of 1868. Also called “City that always comes back” for its picturesque countryside, summer weather and kindness of their peoples.

The main activities of the city are agribusiness and food processing such as barley, beet, sugar cane, potatoes, legumes, citrus, vineyards and olives.

Laguna de Yahuarcocha.

In the Kichwa language it means “lake of blood” and it owes its name to the fact that on its shores the last battle of resistance of the caranquis against the invading Inca troops took place. It is said that after winning the battle, the Incas put all the survivors to the knife and threw their bodies into the lake, dying this one with blood. Today, Yahuarcocha has a modern track around it and is home to numerous car races throughout the year. The beautiful natural landscape is used daily by thousands of ibarreños who go out to practice various sports in this place as paragliding flights a tourist activity.

The take-off area is a soft turf platform, the takeoff always depends on the direction and force of the wind is performed in Aloburo, located at 500 meters altitude, as in Yuracrusito at 700 meters altitude.

There is room for several wings (3 minimum); There are 2 suitable platforms for landing in the sector of the town of Yahuarcocha in the excomplejo Mundo Fantástico, depending on the company that operates. Before getting the flight equipment, the adventurers receive instructions on the takeoff and landing.

The flights with tourists are the so-called tandem, in which an expert pilot accompanies the tourist. The duration of the flight can vary from 15 to 40 minutes, depending on weather conditions. It is advisable to wear warm clothes and shoes that protect the ankles.


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Observing the immensity of the ocean, from a height of more than 100 meters, is a magical experience. Opeturmo Tourist operator and paragliding school, who offers paragliding rides from the hill of Playa Bruja, in the sector of Libertador Bolívar, Santa Elena.

This town is located two hours from Guayaquil and most of its inhabitants are engaged in the development and sales of handicrafts. In the town there are about 10 community inns. The intention of the tour operator Opeturmo is to give greater tourist movement to this town.

The takeoff is what most disturbs visitors; Running to the edge of the hill to gain height is the peak moment in terms of the generation of adrenaline, according to the specialist instructor Jorge Mora. Once in the sky, tourists can appreciate from the Salinas wilderness, to the tip of Montañita. The walks last approximately 15 minutes.

Paragliding flights with guide in front of the sea. It is a dynamic flight that is made moving through the skies taking advantage of only the sea wind. And the slope of the mountain that lends itself like a ramp making the wind rise and that allows us to fly like birds

The flights are made in tandem style paragliding (two people), the tourist travels accompanied by one of the instructors. Four professionals are available from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

To climb the hill, you must take a detour that is approximately one kilometer from the entrance to the town.



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Libertador Bolívar is a town located 131 km from Guayaquil, north of the province of Santa Elena, has a length of 3

100 m of beach, its most common flora and fauna are: Cocus nucifera (coconuts), Musa x paradisiaca ( bananas), beach crawlers, gastropods (snail), Pelecanus occidentalis (pelican), Ucides occidentalis (Crab).

In this town, between Manglaralto and Montañita, in the province of Santa Elena, you will find huts, with palm leaves as a roof, to spread out your towel and rest.

It has a wide straight beach, with a slightly steep slope. On the beach there are wooden palapas with cade and in the background, the population and small

hills with dry forest vegetation.

Libertador Bolívar has three bars located on the beach that look the same, but at the same

time they are very authentic: hammocks, palm leaves, bamboo cane and lounge music during the day. And let’s be serious, the Ecuadorian Coast without music is not Ecuador!


Libertador Bolivar is one of the most authentic places in Ecuador, and small enough to enjoy a weekend of relaxation.

Its main economic activity is trade through handicrafts, typical gastronomy and tourism.

Libertador Bolívar is a colorful commune. The hammocks and multicolored lamps decorate the panorama and capture the attention of the drivers; women weave, men tend. Crafts made of shell, wood and cane captivate by applied creativity. The toquilla straw hat is inevitable, the raw material is acquired in Sinchal, a neighboring community, located in the small mountain range.

Paragliding is one of the sports that most attracts the attention of visitors and is practiced in Playa Bruja. The tour is conducted with an experienced pilot. The flight lasts approximately 15 minutes, no experience is needed.

Among its festivities on July 24 commemorate the birth of Simon Bolivar, so they carry out activities for the festivities: on July 20 Libertador Bolívar chooses his sovereign queen.



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Tour operator Opeturmo S.A. located in Libertador Bolívar of Parroquia Manglaralto Cantón Santa Elena, Province of Santa Elena, being one of the attractive places of the spondylus route, they are visited by national and foreign tourists for their gastronomy, crafts, hospedería, boardwalk and especially for lovers of the Adventure tourism in Playa Bruja where the free paragliding and motor paragliding track is located.

The Opeturmo company offers the service to tourists who like adrenaline and adventure sports, giving them confidence to feel safe when performing the tourist activity of paragliding flights.


Opeturmo S.A. located in Libertador Bolívar of the parish of Manglaralto, Santa Elena canton, Santa Elena province, specialized in paragliding flights in different parts of Ecuador, such as on the coast: Esmeralda, Crucita, Canoa, Puerto López, Salinas, Montañita, Guayaquil and La trunk, in the mountains it is carried out in Ibarra, Quito, Baños, Cuenca, Machala.

In Esmeralda, Crucita and Canoa regularly takes place when the tourist requires it.

In Salinas and Montañita depends on weather conditions, for this reason the place where the paragliding activity is most practiced is in Playa Bruja located 10 minutes before Montañita, it is done every day of the year depending on the conditions normally starting from midday.

They also have two types of flights: flight in motor paragliding or free paragliding flight. The free paragliding flight lasts 12 to 15 minutes which is the estimated time to carry out the activity, it rises to a height of 150 to 200 meters. The flight in motor paragliding lasts 15 to 20 minutes, rises to a height of 300 to 400 meters and has a tour of the town.

Sometimes when conditions do not allow it, they have the other place located in San Pedro.

In Guayaquil it is carried out by season that starts from June or July until the month of January, due to rain.

In Ibarra the activity is carried out in the Yahuarcocha lagoon, in Baños in Nitón, in Quito it has two points by cable car and Lumbisí, Parapente Cuenca in Paute.

The tour packages that are made in the operator are made according to what the customer wants, one of the tour packages is the tour to the island of silver plus paragliding the  operator is responsible for organizing according to the possibilities normally the operator is handled more by advance booking from two days to a day the medium used is online, that is, they are handled by social networks (Facebook, Instagram, website, WhatsApp)

The value varies depending on the place where the client performs the activity.



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Located seven kilometers northeast of Manglaralto (Santa Elena), it is located in the community of Dos Mangas, a place characterized by the work of women with straw and men with tagua.

This commune has about 950 inhabitants and characteristics for agricultural and artisanal workers, recognized by its particular traditions, it receives this name because in ancient times the inhabitants were called to the rivers ‘mangas’ and near the town the riachuelos Grande and Colin come together .

The activities have been shared equally, women from very early enter kilometers of their population to obtain straw, traffic and make bags, hats and bread boxes.

The 160 women who dedicate themselves to this task take a day to develop a small portfolio. He uses creativity to design his crafts with striking colors, which he then sells in Montañita and Salinas.

For many women in this community, it is an advantage to have the raw material to work with, since it is the only income that has to pay the expenses.

But the men of Dos Mangas also stand out for the size of all the figures and logos with the tagua.

The process, which lasts six months, consists in starting the wood, then making bracelets, key rings, bows, ornaments, rings, necklaces and earrings of different shapes.

Men and women want their handicrafts to be more recognized by national and foreign travelers.

Paths Las Cascadas and Las Piscinas. It has two services for tourist activities, also for members of the community, as access roads to the company’s sectors.

Among the vegetation of the sector destined to cultivation is the red banana, the white quineo, the silk banana, the bamboo cane, the straw shawl, among other crops of short cycle.

Dos Mangas At 6.5 km from the parish of Manglaralto, walk the path of the Cascada de las Pozas where you can observe a great variety of flora and fauna with the possibility of observing birds and monkeys.

You can choose the following routes:

  1. Cascading route: it is a primary forest of wood, fruit and medicinal species, and a large number of howler monkeys, which can be observed very easily in the winter season (from December to June)
  2. Route of the natural pools: this route has a certain degree of difficulty and slope that crosses several pools formed naturally in the rocky event that records the humid forest with a rock formation that contains stalactites and stalagmites.

Duration of the tour from 3 to 4 hours approx.



Julian Festivities – July 25 – Guayaquil Foundation 2018

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Julian Festivities – July 25 – Guayaquil Foundation 2018

On July 25, the city of Guayaquil celebrates its patron saint festivities of its patron saint, Santiago el Mayor and 483 years of the founding process of the city of Guayaquil, a fact that is remembered locally, nationally and internationally.

That is why during this month the Juliana Festivities are celebrated and Guayaquil becomes the venue for parades, festivals, fairs, concerts and more.

If you visit Guayaquil during your Patron Saint Festivities, you can enjoy a wide agenda of civic and touristic events organized by the Municipal Public Company of Tourism, Civic Promotion and International Relations:

International Gastronomic Fair Roots

The main event that takes place during the Juliana Festivities is the Raices International Gastronomic Fair “that brings together the best of Ecuadorian cuisine and is the largest gastronomic event in the country.

The Foundation Festivities of Guayaquil begin with the Juliano Proclamation, which will go through Malecón Simón Bolívar Avenue.

There will be a group of Bands, from Luis Urdaneta Street and another from Colón Street, and they will meet at the intersection of Av. 9 de Octubre and Malecón Simón Bolívar.

Student musical bands, dance academies, cadets of Educational Institutions, cachiporreras and the Wind Orchestra of the Republic of France School will participate.

Among the main events you can enjoy:

  • Civic Student Parade “Guayaquil is my Destination in its Patronal Festivities” You can also enjoy the traditional Student Civic Parade that runs through the main streets of Guayaquil with allegorical cars, comparsas and dance groups that parade to the rhythm of popular and Guayaquil music. It has three stages and is held every July 25.
  • Nautical Parade on the Guayas River. The Guayas River is the emblem of Guayaquil, for this reason, in its Patron Saint Festivities, there is a Nautical Parade with colorful allegorical boats, which can be seen from the Simón Bolívar Malecón.
  • Tribute for Youth. Each year more than two thousand students participate in the Youth Tribute. An event that takes place at the Alberto Spencer Stadium and that narrates with human slates the milestones that marked the history of our city. There are also dance groups with popular music from Guayaquil.

The Bototillo hill offers a different perspective of Guayaquil, that’s why paragliding and hang gliding fans prefer it. Its climatic and wind conditions are ideal for the practice of free flight.

There, at 305 meters above sea level, that childhood dream of flying like birds finally materializes. And that is, the Bototillo hill, at km 13 of the road to the coast, has turned Guayaquil into the best city in Ecuador to launch in paragliding.

And it is that those who arrive at that place where the flight of the buzzards announces that there is good wind to undertake the adventure, enjoy 15 minutes of a trip that takes them along a stretch of the road to th

e coast. They do not go alone. They launch with a pilot who takes the baton of the route.


On this hill, which can only be accessed in a journey of about ten minutes in a 4×4, there are also experts ‘men birds’ that come from the Sierra or other countries for sporting flights of hours, hang gliding or paragliding.

Ecolodges Ecuadorian Amazonia

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Ecolodges Ecuadorian Amazonia

These sites offer natural fun in an environment that respects the environment. They are in the middle of forests and natural reserves with the complicity of the native peoples who open their doors to make themselves known.

It has magic and charm. The ecolodge Huasquila, located in Cotundo-Napo, is a place where, along with the recovery of the forest, practices of nature-friendly tourism are encouraged.

This place, which was a cattle farm more than 12 years ago, today is a great natural fortress. There it has turned to wild animals, like the alligator that arrived a few months ago to the lagoon, or the growth of the vegetation like the luminous mushrooms without edibles that are appreciated in the nocturnal walks. This is a sign that recovery is on track, says Pablo Marañón, manager of the site.

With comfortable and adequate rooms for the mobilization of people with disabilities, Huasquila takes day and night walks through the jungle. These tours include waterfalls and several of the more than 50 caves in the area inhabited by bats.

You can also visit the Amazon Kichwa communities, inclinations and extreme sports such as rafting or kayaking on the Jatum Yaku River, a tributary of crystal clear waters that come from the top of Napo.

It is 3 hours away from Cumbayá in own car via


Ecolodges Ecuadorian Amazonia

Tour 2 days 1 night Accommodation + Flights parapente + Dos Mangas.

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Tour 2 days 1 night Accommodation + Flights parapente + Dos Mangas.

Day 1. Installation in the Casa Del Sombreo hostel, in the afternoon we carry out the paragliding tourist activity 2 minutes from the community of Libertador Bolívar, in Playa Bruja it is a walk along the hillside with a duration of 12 to 15 minutes. Return to the hostel.

Day 2. Dos Mangas Tour 6.5km from the parish of Manglaralto, Santa Elena canton, horseback riding along the Cascada route or the route of the pools where you can observe a variety of flora and fauna with the possibility of observing birds and monkeys.

Waterfall Route: This trail has no slopes, it is considered a primary forest of timber, fruit and medicinal species, and they inhabit a large number of howler monkeys, which can be observed very easily in the winter season (December to June)

Route of natural pools: This trail has a certain degree of difficulty and slope that crosses several pools formed naturally in the rocky river that runs through the rain forest with small rock formations that contain stalactites and stalagmites.


  • Sports shoes or rubber boot with socks.
  • Repellent and sunscreen
  • Cap
  • Swimwear
  • Trash cover
  • Light foods, water or juice.

Tasks to do:

  • Observation of flora and fauna
  • Horseback riding to the tropical humid forest
  • Photograph all the biodiversity you can see within this ecotourism trail

Valid III of the National Championship Rok Cup Ecuador 2018 of Karting

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Valid III of the National Championship Rok Cup Ecuador 2018 of Karting

In the Kartódromo Cotopaxi the valid III of the National Championship Rok Cup Ecuador 2018 of Karting was run, endorsed by the Ecuadorian Federation of Motoring and Karting.

In the test participated 61 runners from Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, According to the driver José Enrique Brito “never before had run with so many karts (15) in the shifter category and at the same level. The pilots have had to adapt to such a strong pace and it is very complicated “, said the Quito-born driver, who won the first heat and the pre-final, while in the final he was second, leaving the victory to the Colombian-Ecuadorian Henry Cubides

The 950 meters long course was run counterclockwise, which was very difficult for the riders, as it is a relatively short and very hard circuit to pass.

On Sunday the pre-final and final was made and started with the riders of the Baby Super Cup, where Érick Rodríguez ratified his performance of the first heat and won in the pre-final.

The minirrok experts had as winner in the pre-final to the Colombian-Ecuadorian Joaquín Cubides, brother of the winner of the shifter rok senior, the pilot Henry Cubides.

For his part, Juan Moreira was the winner in the series rookies, Derek King escorted him in the second place and the runner Steven Ajitimbay was third.

Juan Andrés Viteri reached the first place of the monomarca CRG FS4 B & S light, Matías Bravo was second and the third place was in the hands of Martín Freire; while, in heavy, Álvaro Espinosa was forceful in the 15 laps arranged by the direction of the race and left the second locker of the series to Diego Cuesta.

In the open category of 125 cubic centimeters (cc), the podium of the pre-final was entirely for the province of Guayas with Jaime Cabrera, who finished in the first place; Rafael Peralta arrived in the second locker; and Cristian Sanmartín who was third.

In the master category, the Guayaquil Jorge Matos was the fastest and finished in the first box, as had happened in the qualifying; while Camilo Rivera maintained the second place of the first phase; and Carlos Molina replaced Pablo Cevallos in the third position.


In the height

Fourth proof

The fourth date of the Karting Championship will be held on May 19 and 20 at the Cotopaxi Kart Track, considered the best permanent speed circuit that Ecuador has.


In the shifter rok class, senior series, Henry Cubides was the winner in a heart attack session with José Enrique, who was second.

Ecuador, next venue for two stages of the Dakar Rally

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Ecuador, next venue for two stages of the Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally, formerly the Paris-Dakar Rally, is an annual rally raid competition organized by the ASO starting on December 26, 1978 and held during the first weeks of January or, in some editions, started the last week of December for finish the next year. It is considered one of the toughest and most famous rallies in the world. Until 2008, during the time that the test lasted, it took runners from a city in Europe to Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

For many years the race left Paris; however, since 1995 it has been changing its starting place to other European cities (such as Granada, Lisbon or Barcelona), mainly for advertising or political reasons, since the real competition did not begin until it entered Africa. Also, the end of the race has not always been Dakar either. In 1992, the race completely crossed the African continent to finish in Cape Town (South Africa). In 2000 and in 2003, the race ended in the Egyptian cities of Cairo and Sharm el-Sheikh, respectively, with the pyramids as landscape.

The spectacularity and emotion of the traditional Dakar Rally, which has been running for four decades, will reach Ecuador for the first time possibly in 2019. In South America, this famous automobile test has already toured Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru.


The inclusion of Ecuador in the Dakar Rally, which originally toured countries in Europe and Africa, was confirmed yesterday by Enrique Ponce De León Minister of Tourism, through Twitter. In the social network the official said: “The joint work produces positive results for tourism in Ecuador. The Dakar Rally, one of the most important and most viewed competitions worldwide, reaches the country of the four worlds. ”


He added: “We ratify the arrival of the Rally in 2019. We advance in the application of policies that allow promoting and promoting tourism in Ecuador.” But Gorky Obando, manager of Aneta, clarified that the Rally in the country in 2019 is a possibility, but he made it official in 2020. “The national government committed to the Rally to conclude in Ecuador”,


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The paraglider is an engine is an aircraft made up of a small motor of propellers and paragliders. It’s basically a motorized glider. Paragliders for flying require a wind speed of about 22 km / h, although some paragliders require more speed.

In the paragliding of an engine, this speed is achieved thanks to the wind generated in the race of despair that is seen by the way of the pilot and the acceleration of the engine. Once in flight, the aerodynamic lift is generated thanks to the engine, carried on the back of the pilot. While paragliding requires a height to be able to fly, the flight mode can be accessed by holding it with a long steel cable that extends more and more as you take height to then release the pilot to it descends flying), with the paraglider can take off of an engine.

There are several types of engines for a motor paraglider, ranging from small motors for people of light weight (approximately 55 kg of thrust) to very powerful engines for two-seater flights (pilot and passenger, approximately 120 to 150 kg of thrust) .

The most used so far are 2-stroke engines, mainly derived from enduro motorcycle engines, given their excellent weight / power ratio. Although there is already a team of 4-stroke engines and there is even an electric motor to transcend, as they are very clean, silent and reliable, although they still do not extend due to the problematic of the duration of the batteries.

In the province of Santa Elena, the community of Libertador Bolívar can access this service of motor paragliding, 10 minutes before Montañita, the main road where the OPETURMO SA office is located, which is a tour operator that carries out activities of adventure tourism as the paragliding flight in free paragliding or paragliding flight an engine. The takeoff zone is 2 minutes from Libertador Bolívar called Playa Bruja where this adventure sport is practiced.

Paragliding is an engine consisting of flying with a pilot instructor. Which directs the paragliding, with a route near the community of Libertador Bolívar or the new aquarium with an excellent landscape view with a duration of 12 to 15 minutes approximately. It should be noted that the tourist should have nothing to do with paragliding and motor rather than enjoying the ride and posing for photos.